Breakfast is the party of awakening, it is a game of flavours and colours, it is Stefy’s smile that welcomes you, it is the first ray of sunshine that illuminates the wisteria covered pergola, and so begins a beautiful day at Sant ‘Elena.

Light Lunch

Throughout the day, unique and fun dishes are proposed for light lunches, aperitifs and snacks to be enjoyed in the dedicated food area: under the wisteria, in the vegetable garden, in the swimming pool, in the rose garden, in a reserved corner or in more open areas, to lose oneself in the “good” and the “beautiful”.


Next to the pool in a shaded corner, a relaxing and somewhat secret place welcomes you - our bar. Here, you can cool off from the afternoon heat by reading a book or playing chess, while sipping on estate aperitifs or refreshing drinks accompanied by fruit, salads, or delicious homemade ice cream. Your gaze extends from the windmill to the swallows skimming the water, all the way to the sheep grazing in the fields around.


In the light of the sunset when the sun falls behind the mill amongst the reds and oranges, the magical moment of dinner begins, where guests become found friends after a long journey, where celebrations and dinners are small events, for evenings that remain in hearts.
Always in the simplicity of excellence.

Request for a stay

Thanks to the several requests for stays in the winter, La Salina will now remain open from Thursday until Sunday as a B&B, Christmas holidays excluded.